July 25 and 26

A+ schools Training at Elizabeth City, NC

I’m so exited to be part of this great group. What an amazing opportunity!

Ready to give a workshop on Problem Solving and Arts Strategies!

By soniarg

2 comments on “July 25 and 26

  1. Hi Rocio,

    I am doing my homework and following up from our time together in Elizabeth City at the A+ workshops with Sheep-Harney Elementary. Thanks so much for all that you shared! Your handouts are very clear and a great follow up of the experience of being in your classes.

    With lots of love,


  2. Thank you Pattie, It was a pleasure meeting and working with you too. Thank you for letting me sing my song in your workshop! It was great to see everybody singing it and applying it to find a solution to Flip It!

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